Has anyone here read or heard of SEVEN TO ETERNITY by Image Comics?

Just bought VOL. 1 yesterday gonna start reading some tonight. The art looks great!

Yup…Rick Remender is a great storyteller and amazing at character development and Jerome Opena art is (in my opinion) ELITE one of the top 10 artists in the biz

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Yeah the story seems very unique and the art is really amazing!

Finished VOL. 1 and WOW great read and yeah amazing character development! VOL.2 should be waiting for me at the comic shop this week.

Sounds vaguely familiar. I think it was recommended to me at my last comic store.

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@Vroom VOL. 1 was really good I would recommend it man. Also man you should work for DC I’m always seeing your post and comments and you drop some serious knowledge! you seem to know a bit on everything comics.

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