Has Anyone Else Read Mother Panic?

Does anyone share my love of the 2016-2017 Young Animal launch title Mother Panic? I think the concept, the execution, the writing and (most of) the art made it a favorite of mine while it was coming out. I didn’t think it was that obscure but most of the people that I’ve mentioned it to haven’t heard of it. Just consider this thread a place to discuss the series and whether or not you thought it was good.


I absolutely love Mother Panic. Great writing and art, and just a really fantastic original character. Everyone should check it out!

Yes that was the best book of the young animal line

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I wasn’t excited about the title when I first picked it up, but I really enjoyed it. Second only to Doom Patrol.

I’m planning on reading it at some point. The covers look really good.

It’s great! Also, the artist who did the covers (Tommy Lee Edwards) also did the interiors for the first three issues.

Never read it, but found it on the app. Three issues in now. Thanks for the rec! Definitely intrigued.

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Glad I got you to read it! Hope you enjoy!

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I’m literally just about to check it out. Some characters were in milk wars on here and mother panic involvement made me want to check it out. The characters were so out there and that’s right up my alley.

I think I remember checking out the first issue when it came out, looked cool but couldn’t justify keeping up with it at the time. Definitely one of those books I plan on going through now it’s on DCU.

Hi Jay-Kay

I’ve been nonstop comic reading since day they added em all. First time I’ve been back to community since that day. Don’t mean to weird out, just remember your tag and talking to u a lot, good to hear from u again.


I’m already in. I had it in my back pocket, but I’ve been strictly reading comics so this is my 1st x back on community since the day they dropped em all on here. I was just cruising the boards & I was waiting to hear about it good or bad. I had a feeling I would like it. Soon as I saw your post I was like ok, that’s all I was waiting for. Glad u posted about it cuz I was on the fence. I love it already. Had to go to fandom and make sure I was reading it in the proper order & check for crossover issues to make sure I didn’t read those. Just started but like I said, yeah this is right up my alley, glad u posted u liked it. That was all I needed to dive in.

Glad this post helped get you over the fence! Hope you like the read!

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I really do Batwing. I had a feeling I would, but I was waiting to hear an opinion either way. I’m definitely down with it.