Has anybody read "Little Bird" yet? AKA 'The Ian Bertram Appreciation Thread'

Dang, every issue of Little Bird has blown me away so far. And it’s mostly Bertram’s art. I’m barely reading the words at this point because I just can’t get over what I’m seeing. He stiples like Raphael Grampa. His exaggerated anatomy and features remind me of Chris Burnham. The sense of space and scope his panels have is like Frank Quitely. And the overall cohesion of everything is near Moebius. Am I crazy, or is this guy the next big deal? To me he’s at least the next Quitely. If he keeps improving, well, what does that even look like?

Check out some of his stuff on DCU:
Detective Comics (2011-) #27
Batman Eternal #11
He also did a Harley Quinn variant for Sinestro #10 that I can’t seem to find on here, but easily searched.

I think somebody needs a Black Label series…

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There’s something equally amazing on each page. These are interiors. Sometimes it’s whole page composition.

Sometimes you gotta blow them away with your intricate details and psychedelic imagery.
And creative panelling as well! What’s up with that tiny horizontal ome at the bottom?

I’m loving the series. The art is beautiful, but the words are just as powerful. This is a really good book.


@mceddard Happy to hear I’m not alone!

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I haven’t read Little Bird, but I’ve seen Bertram’s art on a bunch of series in the past and it is ridiculously impressive. I think I saw him on a Secret Origins, too. I don’t know which one, though.

Thanks @Batwing! I found it: Secret Origins (2014-) #4. It’s a Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne story I’ve never seen. Gonna read it today. Loved the Batman and Robin series starring those two! (In fact the whole issue is kind of stacked. The GA story right before is written by Lemire and inked by Sienkiewicz whaaaat…)

I’m going to go back and read that, then. :laughing:

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