Harper Row!!!!

Harper Row is on Young Justice!!! I love Harper! So exciting! Thoughts?


What an amazing cameo! This show just keeps on giving. I hope we see her bother at some point. I worry about Cullen.


I don’t watch YJ but that’s cool that she’s on there. I was always intrigued with her in Batman. I completely forgot about her until I saw your post.


@FranktheTank27 Glad I reminded you of her, and you should check out Young Justice; it has quickly become one of my favorite DC anything.

@HubCityQuestion It would be cool to see Cullen. I just want a spinoff show where Harper, Spoiler, and Orphan share an apartment. I’ll settle for a scene of them just hanging out though.

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Would it be cool if YJ Universe was the exclusive YJ Universe for the streaming service?

Love that Spoiler, Bluebird, & The Orphan/ Cassie Cain are all now in play. Hoping for a team up involving Oracle & part time Batman as well.