Harley Quinn Throughout The Years

I’ve been Harley obsessed for as long as I can remember but at 15 I started regularly dressing up like her. A lot of those “costumes” are just makeup, a wig, and merch because I didn’t have the money or talent to put together a “proper” cosplay because I was just a kid. It didn’t stop me because I felt so much more confident, happy, and myself when I was Harley. I stopped for a couple years for several reasons but I’m more than ready to go back when coronavirus concerns fade.


These are impressive cosplays! I find it really cool that you’ve cosplayed Harley for so many years. It’s always nice when you find a character you love/can relate to. Thank you so much for sharing with us all!


Awesome :+1:


Very cool! Harley is the kind of character that can be cosplayed without a “proper” costume (I mean, with that giant mallet you’ve got and the right attitude, no one’s gonna tell you you’re not Harley). It’s also pretty cool that you found a Poison Ivy to cosplay with.

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Awesoume collection of Harley through the years. Its fun to see your different Harlies and how they progress through the years. Well done and thank you for sharing your story and cosplay pictures.

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