Harley Quinn-- through her eyes?

I just started watching Harley Quinn, I believe I’m 5 ep in. I find it very amusing, thus far. I think it’s funny that the super heroes are all so goofy in it. Batman and his weird lines, to Wonder Woman with her milk mustache and the only people taken at all seriously are those closest to Harley… which made me wonder are we seeing the world through her eyes? Is everything so crazy because we’re seeing her interpretation of that universe? I mean everyone’s truth is different… anyway, just wanted to share and see what others thought.


That how I feel the Birds of Prey Movie is. Told through her eyes.
Never thought about that with this show. But I can see it now that you mentioned it.

Just watched the trailer and I think you’re right. I can’t wait to see it when it comes out!

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Well given this show is supposed to be all about her I can see why superheros Batman & Wonder Woman may be more goofy. I guess through her eyes they’re not that serious. Like she doesn’t take the world itself seriously , perhaps? Cause she knows how insane people are and that behind a person’s mask - superhero or otherwise - there’s always something more lurking. There’s more than what meets the eye.

Then again, who knows? It’s an interesting thought!

I definitely feel the show itself is sort of DC sliming themselves and not taking themselves seriously , just having fun along the way and definitely offending the shizzz out of everyone else too without zero worries… (I say this cause uhh Tumblr posts regarding Harley Quinn are saying it’s antisentimental and insensitive and blahblahblah)

Sorry for the ramble but I’m just so passionate about this show. I strongly relate to Harley Quinn and not in the cheesy sense but I love that she’s still finding herself. Clearly she still trying hard to impress others and make it in her own world and I hope she progresses. I know she will learn that perhaps Legion of Doom just isn’t her thing.

I’ve not followed her much in the comics but I know she has so much potential and I love this Harley Quinn so so much . She’s more than just a hot piece of toast. <3 that’s for sure!


Jennifer Coyle, the lead animator of Harley, is quoted here:

The team also built in empathy by ensuring viewers see the world through Harley’s eyes, for example by toning down the traditional heroes’ color palettes. “Their clothing is a little bit more muted, their colors are a little bit darker because they are the dull ones,” Coyle explains. “Harley doesn’t think they’re cool at all. They’re not ‘sparkle people’ to her.” Elsewhere Gotham’s colors pop a little brighter than they have in previous iterations of the city. “And things are a little bit more extreme and wild than you might have seen before,” adds Lorey. “And that was sort of true of the gore. If it’s from Harley’s point of view, she revels in all that kind of stuff, so we wanted to lean into that.”

You are 100% correct about the show being through Harley’s eyes. The writers said so at Comic Con. That is the reason Gotham is not dark and sinister looking. Everything is more “carnival-like” in pinks and purples. Because Harley is the eternal optimist.

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@TheDCCrew LoL, antisentimental and insensitive… I can’t help but wonder if, in their minds, it should be more sentimental and sensitive simply because the lead is female and the title is neon pink. Anyways, I think it’s plenty sensitive and sentimental especially when it delves into the Ivy/ Harley relationship. They are each other’s persons, loving one another for who they are and supporting each other. I have that and am so lucky to have found it. Much deep than any romance, my person (not partner, but person) understands me like no one else. She is the Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey.

@jeffeff.78694 Welcome and thanks for joining in the convo! Wow, really?! you know what that means? the writers and animators not only did their jobs but did them very well!! Ha, and here I thought I was just reading too much into it like normal. Thank you so much for the inside info. I had not quite reached the level of enthusiasm wherein I actually start researching the show, ha, only enough enthusiasm to speculate… :slight_smile:


I always appreciate how much thought goes into every detail of a show or movie!

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