Harley Quinn Season 2: Who Do You Wanna See?

One of the best parts of Harley Quinn is its unique take on characters both beloved and obscure, and how they fit into Harley’s evolving narrative. Who would you want to see show up in the next season, and how would they relate to Harley? (And, bonus: who would you get to play them?)

Personally, I think Red Hood would make a great addition to the cast. Another guy whose life was ruined by The Joker and crashing his way through the Super-Villain system, but in a totally different way, could foster some interesting moments with Harley Quinn as she deals with similar personal and professional problems.

As for who I’d pick to voice him, considering this series’ heavy comedy background… Jay Baruchel.

This is one of those moments where I’m just going to lean back and say: “Whoever the writers choose”

I have character preferences of course, but these writers are great. They put themselves in that league above others where they are able to sell me characters I might not care for at all and make me happy about them.

If DC wants to sell me on more characters, this is their time.


Idk who to cast? London Legion of Superheroes & Zatanna from Harley’s Little Black Book.


I would like to see perhaps Ambush Bug or Plastic Man in some episodes for season 2 if at all possible. As I think both those characters have a more comedic take to them and can more or less fit into this world. As for a villain? Maybe Roman Sionis (Black Mask) or Punchline.


I wonder how Harley Quinn and the gang would react to meeting Constantine or Lucifer.