Harley Quinn good or bad

Harley Quinn has been around a long time now we have seen comic storylines where she is good where she is bad and where she is a total badass. Which has left me to wonder is Harley Quinn good or bad. Take the injustice series for example in there she is a good guy helping Batman. But then you have Batman the animated series where Harley is in mad love with the joker and a villain. I just can’t decided is she good or bad. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I think she is a villain I mean even when she’s being a good guy working with any of the heroes she still has a snarky laxidasical or whimsical badness that seems to come out so she’s a bad guy she’s a villain even when she’s being a good guy she’s a villain

She’s Harley Quinn! She’s both!