Harley Quinn character timeline?

Okay, so in main present continuity, Harley Quinn is/was on the Suicide Squad. She was on the Suicide Squad during the Dark Nights crossover. She’s currently in the Heroes in Crisis crossover, with no explanation of the Suicide Squad. And the Suicide Squad comics recently ended, with all characters (including Harley Quinn) still being stuck on the Suicide Squad. Explain?

I believe it’s kind of explained in the Batman #41-43, where Harley was let out as part of Ivy’s plan and when Batman and Catwoman captured Ivy, Harley went with Ivy to Sanctuary to help with her recovery.

It’s comics! Nothing makes sense, Nothing matters!

But seriously don’t think too hard about it. All characters that appear in multiple titles have this continuity problem. HOW CAN BATMAN BE IN ALL THE PLACES AT THE SAME TIME?!?

Suicide Squad has always been a separate universe to me 🤷