Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey

Hard to believe this is the last movie I saw in theaters and will more than likely be the only one I see this year. Wonder Woman would have been 2 months ago, can’t wait to see it whenever it comes out.


I think it got pushed back to October, I can’t wait for it. I was really excited to see it August 14th, but I believe they changed it.

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Unfortunately I doubt it will come out in October.

Me too. It seems like it came out so long ago. Seeing movies was one of the only reasons I left the house to begin with, lol. I ended up buying two tickets for BoP. I pre-ordered one but the weather was so bad I couldn’t make it to the showing, lol. I liked the movie when I saw it.

Wow, I haven’t seen a movie in a real long time. Regal Cinemas around me are planning to reopen but I’m not gonna be a first wave person and test my luck any time soon lol.

That was the last movie I saw as well. We’ll see what’s going on in October, but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be in a theatre…even for WW.

Yeah, that’s the rub of it – I miss seeing movies in theaters, and I want to see WW84, but I’m not entirely sure if the theaters where I live will even be open when it comes out, let alone if I’ll be comfortable going to one.

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I might be comfortable if I knew the theater was not going to be packed. I would probably go to see WW a couple weeks after it premiered and on a weekday.

Great last-movie choice! :wink: I actually can’t remember which movie I last saw in theaters… :neutral_face: And I’m on board with not feeling comfortable in theaters—but COVID-19 isn’t why. Crowds make me uncomfortable in general… Basically how I feel (internally) in a crowd…

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