Harley and Ivy

Hey, has anyone here purchased the Harley and poison ivy figures for ‘free’ from fan heaven? I paid shipping, $17.89 on April 19th, and when I attempted to email them, (two different addresses), I got undeliverable. I know things are slow now but I just wanted to check on my order. Hmmm.

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I have never heard of fan heaven. Do you perhaps have a website so I can do some digging?

Hi, it’s fanheaven.shop. The Harley Quinn page is gone. Most of what they sell are watches and bracelets. I feel like a complete idiot. Nothing’s for free, I don’t know what I was thinking. Now I have to go through the hassle of trying to get my money back. A shame really because the Harley figure looked really cool in the photo, and a poison ivy figure too. Oh well, thanks for responding, I really appreciate it!

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Maybe things are running real slow. I paid off my car on 4/15/20 and have yet to receive and email or or my title in the mail. I am about to call them just to figure out the status of that thing.