Written by Brandon Thomas, Art by Denys Cowan

I keep waiting for this series to let me down. It hasn’t. This issue is beautifully written, and gives us even more insight into Hardware’s relationship with Edwin Alva. We’re introduced to a character from Alva’s past, who will either be instrumental in helping Curtis bring him down, or… well, you’ll read it. Bonus points for the tie-in to Static Season One.

Denys Cowan’s artwork is brilliant, and Bill Sienkiewicz’ inks make it even more. As I’ve stated before, I don’t want anyone else to ink his work again. This is a match made in heaven. I can’t leave out Sotomayor’s colors. It’s just… amazing.

When the writing and art are both this good, it’s hard to communicate what makes the book special. In my opinion, it’s the script. The mirrored panels. The balance between action and drama. The character development. But the artists knock every page assignment out of the park.

I can’t wait to read this in collected edition. If it’s not oversized, I’d like a word with management.

It’s hard to rate an issue in the middle of a storyline, but this one was just as good as issue one.


HARDWARE 3|324x500