Happy 67th Anniversary Krypto!

On January 25, 1955, we were introduced to Krypto The Superdog in the pages of Adventure Comics #210.

So Happy Anniversary to Big Blue’s Best Buddy!!!


Happy Anniversary Krypto :tada:


Happy anniversary to the greatest super dog!


Yeah I petted u sometimes when I raided fortress of solitude


Happy Anniversary to the greatest dog in the universe! :dog: :partying_face:


I gotta admit, this anniversary is confusing me. This issue of Adventure Comics is dated March 1955 on the cover, but in doing some digging it was apparently released this day of that year? Was that a more common practice for comics back then?

Good puppy

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I’m still waiting for my CELEBRATION collection from Bizarro’s 75th anniversary so this is another HC that DC is depriving me off owning and for which I blame WB for forcing them to fire Chiarello.
krypto lick

@arkhamassassin yep, individual floppy comics still actually do this, you will see a DC book/issue released in November that states 2023 on it’s cover. In the olden days, there was typically a three months lag time of the release day of a book and the cover date. As you may know, sellers of books (and later trade paperbacks) could return the covers and say the books didn’t sell and get credit, which cost the publishers money so they set the cover date in advance so that the newstands would keep the books on sale longer.

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He is a loving dog. Great with cats too.

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