Hal Jordan's older brother

So, in the before time, Hal had an older brother (Jack) and younger brother (Jim).
In more recent comics, Hal spends a fair amount of time with Jim’s family (including his wife & 2 kids) but not so much Jack.
Hal also doesn’t really acknowledge Jack’s existence any more. At all.
Is Hal still the middle child?
Has Jack been retconned out of existence?
Does anyone know? Not like Jack was the most influential character, but it was unique having GL be the middle child.

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I think Jack died (or was confirmed dead) at some point in Johns’ run pre-new52. Not sure if that’s changed in the current books.


Geez, I don’t remember that at all (and I’ve read… everything…)
Show’s how impactful Jack was, I guess.
Or how little I pay attention.
Thanks for the reply!

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Actually, During Hal’s run as the Spectre Jim and his wife died and Hal as the Spectre had to take care of their daughter. I believe that when we had Green lantern Rebirth they decided to make the brother that died be Jack and Jim was the only other member of the Jordan family who was still around.