H-E-R-O (2003-2005) Missing Issues

I noticed that issues #1-16 of H-E-R-O (the 2003 Dial H For Hero series) are available on Comixology, but only issues #1-12 are available on DC Universe. Anyone have an idea why that would be?

No idea, but I reported it here last week, so the team is at least aware of the issue.

Great minds! I didn’t know that thread existed. Good looking out. I’ve started reading through everything chronologically from the start of Identity Crisis (or a little earlier if a series was in the middle of a storyline at the time) and that’s when I noticed the missing issues.

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Was just about to post about this. H-E-R-O ran for 22 issues, and what’s really frustrating about only having the first 12 on here is issues 15-22 bring back lots of characters from earlier issues for a really amazing story arc that closes out the series. It’s basically an anthology for the first 14 issues, and then the last eight tell a really cool story that builds on most of those one-off issues. Hopefully DC Universe gets the full series down the line, because issue 15 is where it really starts to turn into something special.