Guy Gardner - Young Justice

Guy Gardner grew on me when he was in the Red Lantern comics. In Young Justice, they give him a lot of personality, which is great. The voice wasn’t what has been in my head for years reading the comics, but I heard the Boston accent and it just fit perfectly.


Yeah, he really stole the show last week! I love how so many YJ characters have so much personality, despite minimal screentime. It feels like a fully fleshed out world of its own.


Every one of his lines was comedy gold. :smiley: For me, what really sold his character was that he was a grade A jerk, but they didn’t let that that take away from how clever and competent he was. :smiley:

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The question is, who’s played the better Guy Gardner?

-James Arnold Taylor on Batman: The Brave and The Bold

-Diedrich Bader from Green Lantern: The Animated Series

-Troy Baker on Young Justice

I lean towards Bader on GLTAS. Guy’s appearances were few on the show, but Bader played him to such ****ish perfection.

He also plays Booster Gold on Justice League Action to perfection too.

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