Groundbreaking Superhero Naomi Could be Coming to The CW


One of DC’s newest superheroes—so new, she doesn’t even have a superhero name yet—may be joining The CW’s DCTV roster.

The network announced today that it has given a script development deal to Naomi, a new one-hour drama series from executive producers and writers Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship and based on the groundbreaking, highly acclaimed comic series from Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell.

Produced by ARRAY Filmworks in association with Warner Bros. Television, details about what to expect from the series are limited, but the show’s logline suggests that it won’t be too far removed from what we’ve seen in the comic:

Naomi follows a teen girl’s journey from her small northwestern town to the heights of the multiverse. When a supernatural event shakes her hometown to the core, Naomi sets out to uncover its origins, and what she discovers will challenge everything we believe about our heroes.

Read Naomi #1-6 right over here, and let us know if this is a series you’ll be watching in the comments below! :point_down:


I’m a little hesitant on it being on The CW, but if it comes to fruition, I’ll definitely give it a shot! :smiley:


This would be awesome!

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Ava DuVernay Sets DC Comics Drama 'Naomi' at The CW | Hollywood Reporter Neat! I hope she gets the same popularity as Miles.


It’s really interesting to me that Ava is now involved in three separate DC properties – New Gods, DMZ, and now Naomi. Keep this up and she might be the new Greg Berlanti! :rofl:




Wow CW just shooting out shows.
Awesome™:+1: the more the marier.

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The CW’s really doubling down on adapting recent heroes. One thing that really stuck out to me is that there’s no mention of Greg Berlanti being involved despite his involvement in every other CW DC show (and a ton of them outside the network). It makes me wonder if they’ll try to keep this completely separate from the Arrowverse, though that would seem unlikely. Also, would this be the CW’s 1st DC show w/out Berlanti since Smallville?

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As someone who’s been vocally critical of DC’s moves on the CW, this is very welcome news.

The real question, though, is how old the marketing team is going to be for this show, because all I can think of for a campaign is “and…what about Naomi?” and it pleases me more than I should probably admit.


It wouldn’t shock me if Ava DuVernay wanted to stake out her own corner of the DCU without having to worry about crossovers and continuity, but since Naomi’s introduction is tied to Superman in the comics I’d love to see Tyler Hoechlin in the pilot episode.


The show is moving ahead!

Also, I do want the Powerpuff Girls show too!


I guess according to Brian Bendis…

“…were told this is one of the fastest developments in the history of comics and you can thank yourselves. Readers like you taking a chance on a new character makes stuff like this happen. Thank you thank you thank you. Stay tuned!”

I’m excited to see how this turns out.

The show follows a teen girl’s journey from her small northwestern town to the heights of the multiverse. When a supernatural event shakes her hometown to the core, Naomi sets out to uncover its origins, and what she discovers will challenge everything we believe about our heroes.

And with the Multiverse involved it’ll be interesting to see how (or if) it all connects.

“In the past, you know with The CW, DC would run on The CW, [Warner Bros.] would do films [but] there wasn’t a lot of overlap or coordination.”

“And a big thing going forward for WarnerMedia, and DC specifically, is having everybody involved in DC talking, so that a show on Max is aware of a movie, and is aware of a CW show. They’re all kind of working in concert so that there’s nobody overlapping. There’s no stories that don’t make sense as a result of that. So they’ve been trying very hard to kind of get that going.”

“You don’t have to pick one or the other, you can love both. And they do both exist in this great Multiverse. I do think that moving forward, there’s more opportunities for us to do this sort of stuff.”

“On one Earth, you have Gal [Gadot] and Jason [Momoa] and Ezra [Miller], as this Justice League and you can continue telling these stories, while on another Earth, you can have a more grounded, real, Year Two Batman. There is that one Earth, that greater Earth with this existing Justice League and another that’s sort of happening with that Year Two Batman.”

"And of course there’s outliers like Joker, that doesn’t exist on either Earth, but that’s OK. “Matt Reeves can continue to build out his Gotham.”

This should be fun.


Naomi has been cast!



I was just about to post that.

You beat me by about… oh, by about three hours. Just missed you. (Ha!)

Actually, I was going to post the Variety article.

The pilot hails from from Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship. Kaci Walfall will star in the title role as Naomi, described as an effortlessly cool and confident high school student who is the adopted daughter of doting parents. Popular with all the kids in her military town, Naomi is unafraid to embrace her AP-student, comic book–loving nerdiness. After a supernatural event leads to the discovery of her powers within, Naomi pursues her hidden destiny.

And another photo… I’m not sure how current though.

I will give this a try.

I’ve only tried a few CW DC shows… only one really for a few episodes (Superman and Lois), and about 10 or 15 minutes of a couple of others.

I’ll give this one a try too and hopefully it works. And I expect teen angst and drama going in, so…


The most interesting thing about this casting is that they got a teenager to play a teenager. Unlike the normal CW trend of casting a 25-year old to play a 15-year old.

But seriously…

I hope this is good.


New Naomi news…

And the new additions to the cast…

Also joining the cast are Mary-Charles Jones ( Footloose ) as Annabelle, Naomi’s fiercely loyal classmate and best friend; Aidan Gemme ( Runaways ) as Jacob, Anabelle’s boyfriend; Mouzam Makkar ( The Fix ) as Jennifer, Naomi’s adoptive mother; and Daniel Puig ( The System ) as Nathan, a high school jock who briefly dated Naomi.

Daniel Puig, in the bottom left, as “Nathan, a high school jock who briefly dated Naomi”… that’s a good pick.

They look good together.

I’m guessing Ava DuVernay played a role in that casting.

Or maybe not, who knows. I like it either way.


More new Naomi news…



So I guess this is what happened in NAOMI #1

And rumor says for the CW show that…

Exclusive: with a spoiler for the first episode and the first issue of the comics, it looks like there’s something special coming to DC’s Naomi.

Production is now underway on Naomi , the CW series based on the comics by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell. Whereas many of the CW series are set in a shared ‘Arrowverse’, Naomi takes place in another reality. This doesn’t mean that big-ticket comic book characters can’t, or won’t appear.

What follows will spoil both the original comics’ first issue and also the first episode of the TV show. Read on if you don’t mind finding out a first act plot point – albeit a rather major one.

Still here?

In the first issue of the comic, nascent superhero Naomi McDuffie witnesses a fight between Superman and a character called Mongul. It’s pretty spectacular stuff for the small town where Naomi lives, far away from Metropolis.

Things are amplified somewhat in the TV adaptation, written by the pilot’s director Ava Duvernay and series executive producer Jill Blankenship. This iteration of Naomi, as played by Kaci Walfall, is going to be even more surprised to see Superman fighting in the sky over her town because, as far as she’s concerned, Superman is a fictional character.

The TV Naomi appears to be living in our world, or something very like it, where Superman is known from comic books, movies and shows. But still, suddenly, there he is, The Man of Steel, up there in the sky.

What we don’t know yet is whether Tyler Hoechlin, the current CW Superman, will be taking the role for the pilot episode of Naomi too. Seems like a good bet but… well, it could just as easily be an unknown. Or (somewhat less easily) Brandon Routh, maybe? Or how about Henry Cavill?

In some respects it’s a shame that Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Superman has (almost certainly) not been cast yet because this would be a truly wild way to give them their debut.

Later issues of the Naomi comic bring her face to face with many other characters from DC Comics. To integrate them into the TV series would require more multiverse shenanigans, and therefore we expect they’ll appear rather less regularly, if at all.

But the big Superman fight is there, right near the opening of Naomi’s story, even if it’s not exactly how it was in the comics…

It’s safe to say that Naomi starts to spin its own mysteries from episode one out, not least because it has to keep its eye on a longer game plan than a totally faithful adaptation of a six issue comic could allow.

Our hunch is that audiences are going to fall in love with the main character. Rooting her in a world like ours, and making her a ‘huge Superman stan’ (not our words) only adds another dimension of relatability.

This could be another huge hit for the CW’s DC machine. We’re certainly keen to see Naomi come to life under DuVernay and Blankenship’s guidance. Expect to see the show on TV screens later this year.

Pretty, pretty cool if this is true.

And I guess I am really looking forward to this show now.


And of course the potential of Naomi being completely separate from the other CW shows is a “win” as far as I’m concerned too. [insert smiley face]


The Arrowverse is a multiverse anyway so Naomi can still appear on Superman & Lois, for instance.