Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong [3/29 : 8PM EST]

um. i take it kilowog is not fine

Razer has watched his fair share of Star Trek.

I get shrek vibes from Killowog and his girl

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Does that make Hal Donkey?

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Some might say!

She’s giving homeboy an aphrodisiac on a children’s cartoon show. :laughing:

You might even say



once told me–

Femshep with a Power Ring? Too OP.

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Is Razer everyone elses favorite on this show too?

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He is a great character. I’m rather stunned he hasn’t shown up in the comics yet.

he became more of a favorite when i found out Spisak was his voice

I’m not body shaming but, killowogs girl doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of a star sapphire

but she’s pretty fly in a shrek way

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I love how in recent stuff they admit that Carol really should figure out who Hal is despite the mask.

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I mean, human Hal does have pupils


Love is blind

“You got it wrong, babe, she’s just a friend!” Saying it like that NEVER goes well.


There’s always time for smooching

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It’s interesting in a way that it seems like her expression of love veers to anger in the beginning. In the comics both the Red and Sapphire energies possesses the user most.

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Those boots are :fire: :fire: :fire: