Green Lantern The Animated Series doesn't get the credit it deserves

One of the most underrated tv shows has to be Green Lantern TAS. It was a really interesting and original story with awesome animation, great writing and cool new characters. A series with so much potential.


Just like YJ, Craptoon Network mistreated it

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I really hope it gets added on here soon. I never got the chance to watch more than a couple of episodes, but I do remember I loved what I saw.

The failure of the movie led to poor toy sales. This led to the shows cancellation. Big networks like Cartoon Network don’t place quality over financial gain, luckily the growth of in house streaming sites like this one, all that can change.

I really want to watch it. It isn’t available on any streaming service, even before DCU. I’m hoping DCU uploads it soon.

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100 percent agree, I wanted to see Razers arc as a blue lantern

It’s a great show. Really dug the romance between Razor and Aaya and the inclusion of the Anti-Monitor.

The only toys that were released were the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. They’re neat in lieu of the real thing.

Iirc, this show failed because cartoon network gave it a weak time slot and few people saw it. Kinda like YJ, most people who saw it loved it.