green lantern movie coming on here?

so is the green lantern movie gonna be on here im not sure if the liscense agreement is up or not but feel it should be on here since there is alot of green lantern content on here


I have no idea about licensing, but I echo the hopes it ends up on here. DCU needs more live action movies on here (they were hit hard having Superman II-IV, Supergirl and the first 2 Dark Knight Trilogy films taken off) and even so more variety in terms of live action films not Batman or Superman films (all they have had in that regard since launch is the 77 Wonder Woman movie pilot.)

Green Lantern aside from IMHO being somewhat under rated (not a great film but not as bad as people say, I found it enjoyable) and adds some varety to the movies. Of all the pre-DCEU movies out there not on here, Green Lantern and Watchmen are I think the two that would best be suited for here.

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i agree and speaking of watchmen saw it last night on netflix good movie also i hope they add superman returns

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