Green Lantern John Stewart

For those not familiar with Neal Adams; and the creation of beloved John Stewart one of the original 4 horsemen of the Green Lantern Corps Sector 2814 Planet Earth.

Here you go

The one and only Neal Adams; just has a great story, and this youtube video is rather short but packs a punch. Figured this fits in with Black History Month as well, and slap me silly it sure does.




I should have prefaced this, with Neal Adams is speaking plane English here, this is pre " P.C " society.

And Adams points out so much hypocrisy at the time, it is rather funny when you hear him point it out in his story. An more over how Neal Adams says, no we are not just having a Black Green Lantern.

Neal Adams was way ahead of his time.

There are other origin stories on John Stewart , and interviews by Neal Adams’ this is just my favorite, feel free to post more here.