Green Arrow needs a new show

Anyone else agree that Green Arrow needs a new show? Not gritty, but fun, something along the lines of Quiver; dark, yet quirky.

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I’d like a Green Arrow show, take Ollie back to his Bronze Age version as a “fighting for the little guy, liberal”. Include a real romance brewing between him and Dinah and explore the “Speedy is a junkie” issue as well. Which slaps Ollie in the face because he’s out “helping the little guy” but not looking after, connecting and truly mentoring his ward.

Other folks have mentioned the “liberal leanings” of comics. GA’s arc in that looks at both sides of that.


Beard or NO DEAL!

But no I agree with both of you and desperately want this to happen

No. Roy Harper is more interesting. Green Arrow could be a secondary character in his show. Possibly funding him and mentoring him. Roy Harper (in the comics) has been an addict, lost his arm, got cloned, had a child with Cheshire, and was a member of the Titans.

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Live action? No.

Animated? Absolutely.

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