Green Arrow: Dawn of DC Series!

Some big news! Originally solicited as a 6 issue miniseries, the Dawn of DC Green Arrow series has been extended to 12 issues! Fantastic news for bow-heads out there, and Canary criers, and Roy Rememberers, and Mia muggers, and all the rest! This series looks great, and hopefully we’ll have many fans on here! It’s been quite a while since the last run ended in Rebirth!

Did you get Green Arrow #1 today? What cover did you snag? What did you think? What are your hopes for the series?


My hopes?

Sixty issues, a spinoff series, and a Green Arrow centric event.

In reality, I would be okay with just a series with 14 issues that has consistent art and treated as a great one and done.


That’s quite ambitious! I personally hope for something about 18 or 24 issues - so an additional arc or two from the original order of 12 issues (expanded from 6!) And consistent art and a beginning, middle, and end would be awesome! I really hope that Williamson doesn’t pass off writing to someone else, though.


Have you seen this @bookwormfitzpatrick.91230


OMG OMG!!! If this series isn’t good i will riot


I would expect nothing less from you


I enjoyed it as a long-time GA fan dating back to his 1983 mini-series. The book’s logo harkens back to Volume 2, the Kevin Smith launch.

The issue had a good mix of nostalgia, mystery, action, and some good character moments, more than enough to make me eagerly return for the next chapter.
It had a lot of the same ingredients that Williamson’s SUPERMAN #1 had a few months ago, and that book had an even better second issue the next month, which bodes well for Ollie and company!

I’m delighted to hear that the pre-sales were so strong that they expanded the book to 12 issues. Let’s hope it gets promoted to an ongoing!


I really liked the Roy and Lian stuff - that’s been a long rankling sore that really should have been fixed many years ago. Now if they could just fix Ralph and Sue Dibney…

Art was pretty good - not quite as jaw dropping as Jamal Campbell on Superman, but really fun. I hope that Mia shows up soon, fulfilling that cover promise!


The art looks great, Ollie’s voice us solid, and Roy was awesome. I’m happy with the issue. I loved the reunion between Roy and Lian! It’s been a long time coming. I wish she were younger (missed Super kids connection opportunity!), the splash of her and Roy was just beautiful. However, as much as I loved it, the reunion seemed a bit out of place within the issue itself. I think t would have flowed better if Lian had been mentioned in the series/issue before the reunion to help reduce confusion.


I’ve only read a few issues of Green Arrow in my lifetime. Decided to subscribe to this series because:

  • I’ve always liked Green Arrow, but struggled to jump on.
  • Dawn of DC is great.
  • Joshua Williamson is great.

Was a no brainer when it was announced. I don’t know the history of the Arrow family, but they gave me enough in this first issue to be able to follow along. May not have the same nostalgia effect on me it will have on longtime Arrow readers, but that’s ok. The whole thing was heartfelt, exciting, and fun. Didn’t know what to expect on art, but Sean Izaakse brings a vibrant energy to the book. I’m in!

Have to say, my admiration for Williamson keeps growing with time. He really knows how to write fun, entertaining comic books. Between him and Phillip Kennedy Johnson, I think I’m finally starting to develop favorites in the writing department :slightly_smiling_face:.


I got the foil variant and loved it. Here’s hoping that this gets extended into a full ongoing!

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Williamson is a huge GA fan. He mentioned on his Substack that it’s been his childhood dream to write for Ollie and the Arrow family. My guess is that, so long as the book keeps selling, he will stay on writing duty for a long time.


I was SO TEMPTED by that foil variant. It’s so cool! But I got the main cover because I wanted it to match my other Dawn of DC Number 1s. :slight_smile:

I really, really hope so! Future State: Gotham was such a bummer to me. :frowning:

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