Green Arrow and the Trick Arrows

More than likely, most GA fans would like to forget these issues, but I always loved them. I’m talking about what I call “The Trick Arrows”.

I loved to see GA pull a fist glove arrow or a dynamite arrow or any number of those arrows out of his quiver.

This was a time before every character became serious. (Except, of course, Captain Marvel–or SHAZAM–in today’s world.)

They were ridiculous, I know, but they were FUN!


My feelings on the trick arrows are perfectly summed up in the issue of JLA when Connor Hawke has to raid the trophy room for weapons and finds his father’s old boxing glove arrow: ridiculous, but still kinda great in the right situation.

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In Justice League of America 79 by Denny O’Neil has to improvise because the trick arrow he needs is not in his quiver.


I loved the trick arrows! Some are totally crazy, but some seem like they’d be useful in his line of business. The Boxing Glove arrow is perfect for knocking people out without giving them a concussion or broken jaw.

I love the trick arrows. Especially Sonics which were a great way to combat count vertigo.
(And not to be pedantic, but if you knock someone out with a blow to the head, you are giving them a concussion. Perhaps a small one but a concussion none the less. That’s one of the things concussions do. Cause you to unconsciousness.)

Umm… trick arrows are awesome, actually.