Grandad's hand me downs

DCU seemed like the best place to put this. Yesterday my grandma calls me to come over because she has a box of my grandpa’s old magazines she wanted me to have. Now I’m not much into magazines but I loved my grandpa so of course I will come get them. I get over there and as we pull them out of the bag my heart just about stopped. They weren’t magazines, they were comic books, glorious Golden Age greatness, all from about 1942-1946. As we started going thru them I couldn’t help but yell Oh my lord as I found an Action Comics #85, a Flash Comics #34, a Batman #37, and a Batman #19. I had no idea my grandpa liked comic books when he was a kid, let alone 3 of my personal favorite heroes. They aren’t in perfect condition or anything but I have always dreamed of owning a golden age book or 2. Now i have 40. How about you guys, anyone receive any cool books from an elderly family member?


I don’t, but that is a really cool story!

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Oh my GOSH! This is incredible! If you are able to share any pictures I would love to enviously drool over your new amazing collection!
Also, can I just say I love how grandmotherly it is that she called them “magazines”. <3 :smiley:


All my Grandad read was fishing magazines :frowning:

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I will see what I can do about putting them on imgur or something when I get home from work.

Here’s the link to the picture I just took I hope it works

Grandpa’s hand me downs.


Awesome story! This is every comic fan’s dream. The oldest comics I have are Silver Age issues from the mid 1960s.

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Awesome. I have some Batman stuff from the 70’s that my Dad gave me.

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Show us @Eagle and @RayneKing09. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to get mine on here by tomorrow.


Actually I was thinking my sweet Lord before I read your on my…,wow that is :+1:

This is what I dream of happening to me. I wish a relative would pass on a collection of books to me. Unfortunately, half my family is from the mainland in Portugal where apparently there isn’t a whole lot of comic collecting, and the other half I’ve barely met in my lifetime. I honestly think I’m the only one in my family that enjoys reading comics.

oh*, is great :+1:*

These are cool.

Another cool one.

Batman in the 70’s.


Not DC, but still cool.

Not a comic book, but still cool.

Aquaman & Mera