Gotham Knights (video game) is adding more content

Nice to see the game is still getting support.
New Content/Features

The Kelvin Incident is now available! This is a new 15 floor raid available in new game plus or after unlocking the raid area and defeating all the side villain missions.
    Mythic gear.
        This is a new tier of stronger gear which only drops in the raid.
        New material will drop from raid as well.
    A new suit transmog can be unlocked
    4 new batcycle transmogs can be unlocked
    New stronger enemies


Controller Remapping
    Controller remapping implemented
    Gameplay Controls can be remapped
    Buttons that need to be held down can be changed to a toggle
    The game supports your device's built-in screen reader for all text and certain menus
    Improved screen reader support in areas where it existed previously
    Text-to-Speech is available in English only

This is pretty cool news! Gotham Knights has sooo much potential imo


@ProActress it’s time!

No Steph skin for Batgirl :frowning:


So, this update was a let down imo.

I feel like Gotham Knights got the same treatment as Avengers did. People saw a few things they didn’t like and went “well this is the worst game ever made” when in reality, the game was alright. I also feel like, similar to Avengers constantly being compared to Spider-Man PS4, Gotham Knights was compared to the Arkham series, which was an unfair comparison on both fronts.

That last part probably would have been better commented half a year ago in another topic thread but- its whatever