Gotham - Jerome or Jeremiah

Which Joker character do you like better? I would’ve prefer they stuck with Jerome. I liked that interpretation of Joker more.


Same here. Things got a little too convoluted for me when they brought in Jeremiah.

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I like both versions of Jerome so far. Wish they would come out and say that crazy chick is Harley.

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I liked Jerome better because he seemed like a combination of the Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger Jokers. He was unpredictable, gleefully caused chaos wherever he went, and had a theatrical flair to his actions.

Jeremiah is more methodical, manipulative, and twisted. He reminds me of the Killing Joke Joker with a hint of the mobster turned madman Jack Nicholson Joker.

Either way, Cameron Monaghan has done a stellar job at playing both characters.


jerome will be back i believe. he already came back once, and he had the scars on his face. the other is a hack.