GOTHAM HIGH Would you watch it?

I just wanted bring this blast from the past up, because I don’t feel like DC Universe has enough content heard at kids like Batman Unlimited, Kyrpto The Super Dog or DCs Super hero Girls.

I know these type of shows aren’t well received by adults but as a fan I can totally say these different Universe of DC make for great stand alone shows.

So I will totally say I’d watch this show. What is the communities thoughts?




Great idea and I totally agree that DC UNIVERSE is missing the boat…it needs more material aimed at kids…GET THEN WHILE THEY ARE LONG…just like TEEN TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO have…or The Superfriends did for my generation. And get those whacko SCOOBY DOO/BATMAN crossovers on here too!!!


I will be honest I was kind of Surprised Krypto & DC superhero Girls wasn’t on her. those show are pretty good for kids shows, DC really should have more kid content on here.

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Honestly? Probably not.

Nothing wrong with the idea, nust not my cuppa tea.

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I’d watch it, or at least try. I would have liked DCU to have The Batman on here as well. He’s kinder and smiles with Dick and Barbara.


I’d wAtch it


I’d watch it

I like the idea, it sounds fun & I think it could work. I’d watch it.

Yes I think this or 'Lil Gotham (or Super Sons) would be great additions to this service for the little ones!

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Ohh The Batman I forgot about how different and new that show felt it got extremely good near the end!

I would love to see this Gotham High it seems like a cool idea.

I would definitely watch it

I definitely would!

Adding my vote to the list - would totally watch that. Sounds like it’d be fun :slight_smile: Great idea!

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Yes, please.

Yes I would watch

I would definitely watch that!


Looks like everyone’s in agreement :slight_smile: This could be the a hit on DC Universe :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think I’d watch it as a show, but I would watch it as a one shot animated movie or something