Gotham By Gaslight

I seem unable to access Batman: Gotham by Gaslight comic. The animated film is readily available, so why not the comic it’s based on. Anyone have any ideas? ( my apologies if this has come up before)

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It’s a graphic novel.

DC Universe doesn’t get anything originally collected as a graphic novel. Apparently Gotham by Gaslight falls under this category. It’s weird. There are certainly comics just as close to or even closer to being a graphic novel than Gotham by Gaslight that are included on the service. So maybe DC Comics isn’t letting DC Universe have it because it sells too well? But that’s just speculation.

What’s odd is that they don’t have Gaslight on here, but they do habe the follow up graphic novel, Masters of the Future.

Thanks. I thought it might be a graphic novel, and that was the reason for the absence. ‘‘Tis a shame.

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Actually, If I recall correctly, Gotham by Gaslight was initially described…not as a graphic novel, but as a Prestige Format One-Shot. Which is to say, a single issue Comic which was printed on higher grade paper with a card-stock cover

Yeah, DCU really shouldn’t be leaving off prestige one-shots by mislabeling them as graphic novels. (cough Killing Joke cough)

They have other Elseworlds one-shots on here, and they have the Gotham By Gaslight movie on here, so what gives?

My guess is that Gotham by Gaslight still sales pretty good and unlike some books is still in print with new editions/versions still coming out. I also thought it was a prestige one shot and not a graphic novel. When I first bought GBG back in the early 90’s it had the sequel included then. I’m pretty sure I bought GBG right before I bought Batman vs Dracula: Red Rain which came out in 1992. I loved the Elseworlds Batman stories back in the day.

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