Gotham Batsuit

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about how the bat suit they used in the Gotham finale is terrible. I for one don’t understand because I think it’s amazing. It’s literally a mix of the dark knight trilogy suits and it’s probably my favorite. Thoughts?

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This is it

I think it looked like a suit purchased by Rubies. It looked too “cosplay” for the character. I mean if they were only going to show the full suit in a stationary pose, why not just CGI the whole thing? They could easily have adapted a suit similar to the Arkham games or similar to the Affleck suit. But no, they went back to black rubber pieces on a black body suit. It looked extremely cheap. And then to superimpose David’s chin on it looked even worse!! Why not create something for him? Again, it’s not like the suit was in any scenes other than that last shot.

Just very disappointing. Selina/Catwoman’s was too.

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