Gotham Academy!

Really excited to see that Batman #119 is going to have a backup with Maps! Gotham Academy was one of my favorite corners of the DC Universe and I’m really looking forward to seeing it re-visited. Hopefully, this will be more than a one-shot.


Kershl has said (and solicits confirm) that it’s a 3 parter! The first issue was awesome - an in-continuity reason for Maps to dress as Robin (since We Are Robin sadly no longer exists :frowning: )


Look forward to seeing it when it comes up here in a few months. Wish Universe allowed for the option for us to buy things early, as there are a few books that I would be willing to support that way.

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That would be a neat suggestion - of course we can get it on Comixology, but having it in one app/ecosystem would be much nicer.