Does anyone else have a problem with Blood and Gore. I’m watching Titans (who isn’t)and it has a lot of blood… that said I hope Stargirl won’t be that way (I’m staying far away from theHarley Quinn show).

What do you think?


Yeah, I’m staying away from Harley as well. Heads exploding and bowels being disemboweled is not my cup of tea.

I don’t have a problem with gore but I don’t get why people will sometimes like something more because of how dark it is or how much blood and gore it has

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I have several friends that say if a movie is rated R the it will be better than if it were PG-13

In Titans, no.

In some horror movies, yes.


Live action I’m not a fan of gore. And sometimes even in more lifelike styles of animation. Maybe I’ve seen enough in real life to have had my fill.

HQ has such a pop art look in the animation style, I’m certainly willing to give it a go.

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Totally agree. I don’t get the gore AND language! Blood and swearing make you so tough and cool, can I be your friend? Actually, it is harder to produce “clean” compelling product. BTAS is a great example. Fantastic stories that had to fit into a TV-Y7 format. Would “Heart of Ice” or “Almost Got ‘Im” been so much better with blood and the F-word? The empathy and humor in those episodes were fantastic, no “adult” content needed. Give me creators like Dini and Timm. Does anyone remember who penned F*#k Batman? Paul Dini won an Emmy for writing that episode.


Apparently Florida wasn’t so big on Gore either, ba dum tssh.


You must not like Constantine city of demons lol its my favorite dc animated movie.

It’s always fun to see differing opinions. Gory content doesn’t bother me, I even enjoy seeing it

Even if you don’t like gore you should never stay away from the Harley Quinn series :scream:

You can’t tell me what to watch! You don’t own me!

(No one else is going to get these jokes, but I want you all to know that I think I’m hilarious.)

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@BatJamags, I thought the first one was especially hilarious

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@BatJamags: I almost made a Gore v. Bush joke, but I was concerned that someone would read a double entendre into it, so I stored the joke away in a lockbox.


I don’t mind it (and swearing) when it feels natural to the production. It always takes me out of the story when it seems added for shock, edginess, whatever. I’ve yet to see Titans 2. Is that silly ole Robin neutering bad guys again?


Thankfully no

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What kind of entendre (double or otherwise) could be inferenced from a bush joke? Bushes are soft.

I mean, like…must we be so serial Man-Bear Pig?

dials up City Wok


I don’t mind, but I think’s Harley Quinn is using it for humor and it’s just… kinda not funny.