Good Reads

What is everyone reading? What’s a good story to look into? I personally loved White Knight. It’s my personal favorite of the last year.


Long Halloween, legends of the dark

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Does anyone know if “Long Halloween” is a limited time add on? or its here to stay??

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I still need to read it. My favorite lately, or most recently is Harleen & The Omega Men.

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Been on here for quite a while. First time it was on then gone. That was when site 1st opened. Since returning it’s been on ever since with no plans of removal I’ve ever heard?

I’ll suggest Madame Xanadu as one of the best I’ve ever read from this site, that I’d never read until this site.

Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, it makes you proud to be weird.

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I was flailing for something new and discovered the 1996 Challengers of the Unknown, essentially DC comics going X-Files. Weird and interesting.

Goldfish and Jinx, both written and drawn by Brian Michael Bendis. Just two great standalone crime comics. They are technically published by DC, but they’re creator-owned, so you’ll have to get them in print or through ComiXology.