Good Job DC!

Who else is loving the new “Storylines” tab DC added to the search menu? I think there seems to be a good variety -(**)/- The Harley days giveaway is also very nice, with such good prizes. Opinions on the new Harley Quinn, and any suggestions for storylines to add?


Normally I don’t get into serries that have a Gillian as the title character, but you have to love Harley. The only thing that anoys me is Kelly isn’t even trying to do the accent I love from the Batman animated serries. Why they didn’t go with the actress from Harley and Batman animated Melissa Rauch who did a much better job with the voice is beyond me. Anyway the writing is good and overall the show is fun.

Yeah, I really like the series, but you definitely have a good point on the accent. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but does it seem like the series is going in a weird direction to you? Like, the it’s already about female empowerment, and it was doing a good job at that while still not seeming to preachy or political. But then suddenly, in episode 3, it seemed to suddenly be pushing is waaay too hard, like when a tv network adds a LGBTQ character just for better ratings, but it’s super obvious, so it just seems kind of stupid and way too preachy to me. Thoughts?