Glitches and Missing Feature

I’m very disappointed with this app’s quality and the lack of troubleshooting. Problems I reported 9 months ago (you can find them on my profile since links aren’t allowed) still aren’t fixed. I know there’s a favorite list now, but putting series, books, and collections all in one place is not a good solution.

But instead of fixing those issues, new features which don’t work either have been added. And there’s a new glitch with the screen frequently going blank when you use smart panel or flip pages in smart panel so you have to leave and reopen the comic. Sometimes you’ll be taken back to page 1 when you have to do that.

Hey there Formus, I’m very sorry to hear that you’re running into these issues again. I can certainly understand your frustration.

Taking a look into your history, I can see that you’ve reached out to our Customer Support team once before; for assistance with this new issue, I’d ask that you contact them again here to let them know about your issues with the new features/the screen going blank. They will be able to troubleshoot and assist you from there.

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I reported it, but what if they don’t respond? Will someone else fix the other stuff?

With the recent release of ULTRA, our small team is reasonably very busy, so response times may vary — nevertheless, you will get a response. Some of these issues may even already be on their radar.

That said, we of course appreciate your patience in the meantime and absolutely thank you for your reports of these issues.

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Will they be made aware of the other problems? And I asked what will happen if they don’t respond because I don’t think they did last time. The new Ultra plan making them busier sounds even worse.