GL Old school animated series

Green Lantern is personally my favorite DC Superhero probably my favorite superhero overall. That being said i have been hesitant to watch the Green Lantern animated series show. Looked up clips here and there but i really dont want it to be bad and am semi nervous it may not be as good as i hope it is. Along with that i cant put my finger on it but something about the 3D style of it throws me off.

On to the name of my post. What i would really love to see at some point get made perhaps when DCU gets some time to grow and try out a couple of new shows, would be a GL animated series or movie classic style. In the vein and style of the classic Batman or Superman the animated series but focused on green lantern. I would also be really down for it if it was done in the young justice art style. Could be fantastic though maybe get Nathan Fillion to step back into the role for the voice. Could have a ton of fun exploring the space side of DC, the new gods, the omega men and all sorts of characters could feature and have special moments to be highlighted.

Just a random idea, if anybody has any ideas let me know what you think.


Buddy, you owe it to yourself as a GL can to watch GL:TAS. I swear to you on all that is righteous and good that the quality of the series stands toe to toe with BTAS and all of the old Timmverse. You must watch it! You’ll be so glad you did!


From one GL fan to another, you’ll likely love GLTAS. It’s easily one of the best animated DC shows ever.

The animation, writing, voice acting, music, and cinematography are all on point. It also gets to be quite emotional at times.

Make time for it. I imagine you’ll be glad you did.


GLTAS is up there with BTAS in terms of quality, that’s not hyperbole.

Just how old-school do you want to go?

In the 1960’s, Filmation produced short Green Lantern episodes for The Superman/Aquaman Hour. Hopefully they’ll come to DCU sooner rather than later, but if you’re a fan, they’re worth searching out.

As far as the rest of your post, I would of course support a new GL series - or even a continuation of GL:TAS. My initial experience with GL: TAS was much like yours, but I got used to the animation within three or four episodes. Totally worth watching.

Watch it man. It’s one of those series you didn’t know you needed until you watch it.

Excellent series. Watch it. It has an interesting story arc and it has tight righting, and that’s more than a lot of animated series have. Well, at least outside the Timmoverse.

Poo, I meant Writing… darned fingers don’t know how to spell.