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Yep this is early. I’m having lots of issues right now with getting and then staying logged in so I thought to get this done now.

Hello all and welcome to the @JSABookClub second October session. This time around we are going to be spooking things up with a special Halloween edition covering the JSA in “Ghost Stories”. In this story a ghost from the JSA’s past comes back to haunt them. How do you catch someone you can’t even touch? Let’s find out!


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Please welcome them!

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What to Read

* JSA (1999) #82-87

Discussion Questions

  1. What did you guys think of this story over all?

  2. I found Gentleman Ghost’s backstory interesting. Did you?

  3. What was your favorite part?

  4. Did you have a favorite panel?

And that’s all for the month. Join us next month when the JSABC tackles another story from the All Star Squadron and we make another visit to the N52’s Earth 2. See y’all then.


I like the artist change. Whenever I marathon Johns’s run I am always tired of Kramer’s artwork by this, so I am grateful to see Morales and Ordway drawing it.

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I really enjoyed the change in artist as well.

  1. Yikes. Power Girl has insanely buff legs. Overall this issue is more confusing than anything else.
  2. Big improvement especially with the slice of life parts. In this issue Stargirl can hit the ghosts.
    In Stars and STRIPE Stargirl already had her permit and was driving in fine. Now she does not have it and is a hazard on the road. Little continuity mix up.
  3. Some very good Green LAntern scenes, and I wish the whole storyline was more like that.
  1. I really find the comedy with Star’s driving to just kill the mood. Aside from previously mentioned continuity issues she can fly. How is driving interesting? Speaking of that shouldn’t most superheroes who can fly have really shriveled up legs?
  2. Entertaining but basic set up mostly.
  3. Did Mr. Terrific make Ma mad? She is really insulting him a lot. Stargirl is immune because she is a virgin. (looks at Jakeem). I have no idea if Stargirl carrying the staff while unconscious is a mistake or just the creators being smart. And Wildcat gives us a great ending battle that I wish was longer.
    Didn’t their beautiful friendship begin in “Our Worlds at War” or “Power Play”? It was definitely going in “Black Vengeance.”

For questions.

  1. Stupid and entertaining super hero story. A good popcorn read.
  2. Generic story with good atmosphere.
  3. The ending fight. Wildcat vs ghosts.
  4. I have two candidates.

    This did the best job at capturing ghost fighting with the issues of no direct contact. The best planned out fight in the storyline.

    Yeah I knew he would not actually die, but it does show the stakes and his fatherly nature.