Get real DC

Why isn’t DC adding recent movies (i.e. Justice League, B vs S, Wonder Woman, etc.) to the movie listings in DC Universe? I would think I should get more bang for my $$. If you need help with making wiser decisions at DC, I’m available.

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I wouldn’t hire you. You aren’t wise enough for common sense such as licensing deals.

The DCEU are under contractrs with some companies and networks.

Get logical!


Those films haven’t finished out their revenue streams yet. Some of them have just gotten to cable television and may still need to get to network television.


What about Green Lantern movie its about 10 years old now. Cat woman? man of Steel?


Kind of see why most things don’t have discussion boards just attracts trolls

I wondered this at first but it does make sense that those films still make some kind of money before they can be added to the app. At most they may add em for a limited time like the Dark Knight movies that’ll be removed after today.

@jamesasexton, considering that the general reception for those movies have been negative, with Catwoman being even more so, I don’t think there’s a demand for either of them on this or any streaming service.

Several of them also have a standing streaming deal with someone else (I think all of them do) so they couldn’t legally add them if they want to.

Honestly I would not be surprised if the fact they are not considered “good movies” isn’t why Green Lantern, Catwoman, and Steel are not on here. But just for variety it might be nice if they were added as I am guessing they are not tied to another streaming service. Especially Green Lantern which while not great I didn’t dislike nearly as much as a lot seemed to, and be nice to have a live action movie on here that is not Superman and Batman related like I said, just for variety. And not like Supergirl is considered a good movie, I mean for nostalgia I liked watching it but objectively I think Green Lantern is a better movie.

Also am curious why The Spirit, V for Vendetta and Watchmen are not on here. I didn’t think they were currently on another streaming service or would have licensing issues. (I could be wrong though). Those were at least to most better movies then Green Lantern, Steel and Catwoman.


And while many of DC’s properties may not currently be available due to prior licensing deals, it’s also possible that they are holding some content back so that they have something new every month (like Supergirl in October and the Filmation cartoons in December).

At forty-five days old, this service is still in the most nascent of stages. Do you think Netflix started out with this much streaming content? No, they started out by mailing DVDs to people.

Give it some time.


Personally, I think they should post the reasons why shows and movies can’t be listed on DC Universe.

It’d be interesting to know (instead of guessing).

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not going to lie if those bad movies were on here i would watch them. there all watchable even if there not good.


To keep it simple, not all DC content is available at all times to us due to licensing agreements with other providers. I suggest you keep an eye on the Watchtower , where we will announce all new content as it is being added to the site. :slight_smile:


The problem with all this is that it shows really bad planning on DCU’s part since they knew about the licensing situation from the start and didn’t plan for it and still - weeks later - don’t know how to address it. Instead the Powers That Be let the Moderators bear the brunt of their errors but at the same time not clarifying the situation. Your post is the closest to acknowledging the situation I have read here but is so buried in the comments that it’s useless.

Basic damage control protocol would be the following: Make a statement acknowledging the situation and what steps you will be taking to address it. That’s it. Not a post lost in a community message board. Put it on the landing page where everyone can see it. Something, anything to show that you hear us and are taking this seriously.

My suggestion to improve the current situation would be to create two new sections. One section that introduces new content. And one section that contains all temporary content. Simple and something that is mind boggling to me why it wasn’t done before launch.

Thanks for listening.

@Balloonman, they may have other plans for new (first run). Movies. We already know that Warner Brothers will be having their own streaming service and the movies may appear there (on a PVP basis) before coming to the DCUSS.

When you start threads like these please apply logic to your own answers.