So, can explain to me what the idea behind this upcoming limited series “Generation” is about?

I know that the first issue is coming out on Free Comic Book Day, which serves as an epilogue to the limited series “Flash Forward”, which ended with Wally merging with a portion of Manhattan’s power in the Morbius chair. But other than that, I don’t know much about it

I think I heard somewhere that it’s supposed to do a lot of stuff for DC. We are having the same conversation in multiple threads currently. Truth be told, I am still confused. Most of what we know is rumors to my knowledge.

Between this and what Scott said about “Dark Knights Death Metal”, it seems like they are finally trying to make Doomsday Clock Canon. I think Snyder even said himself that his Death Metal story will connect to DD

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The recently departed Dan Didio said

Everything happened

There is a timeline which lays out year by year 60 of the 80 years of DC history.

In.the first year 1938
Superman.arrives on Earth
Wonder Woman comes to Ameriva

All current heroes are fo dramativally ages up while new heroes replace the now elderlY heroes.