Gen 13 or Wildstorm in General

I’m pretty sure DC owns Gen 13 and Wildstorm at this point so … When can we see the classic run (plus mini series) and the Simone reboot on DCU[I]


Gail Simone’s run is available right now on DCU. I imagine it will carry over to DCUI.

The original Gen13 is getting a new trade release next year, so I imagine we’ll see new to digital single issues on DCUI to accompany it. Similar to how we got George Perez’s Action Comics run around the time The Adventures of Superman by George Perez came out earlier this year.

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Thanks, apparently I’ve been putting a space in it for damn near 30 years (God I’m old) when there was never a space.

Totally agree! I’d love to see all of the original WildC.A.T.S series on here. Just load up the site with Wildstorm, I say!