Gay Bart Allen would be Perfect for Young Justice

@nightwing103 Earlier in the episode, after Bart hugs the other members of the Team, he speeds over to “El Dorado” (teenaged reinvention of an old Super Friends character) and gave him a peck on the cheek. It was quick, but seemed like they were an item.
Honestly, I’m not close to the character to feel strongly one way or another, but I think they can make him gay in the show, but keep him whatever sexuality he is in the comics. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when comics make changes to their character just because it happened in the movies (mostly it’s been costume-related), and let’s be honest, a popular film or cartoon doesn’t really impact comic sales, from what I’ve heard.


I would rather they introduce a character from the comics who is gay (like Bunker) rather than changing impulse’s sexuality.

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I agree. Bringing in an already gay character or a created brand new one would make more sense. Changing a character’s sexual orientation seems like changing the character in general (especially if it’s flat out obvious like Halo and that Prince…)


Honestly why is everyone so obsessed with this ?


No leave characters alone. Can’t satisfy everyone.


Make new characters or bring in gay established characters. I agree with this 100%


It’s so weird that people care about who these fictional characters like to have sex with! So irrelevant

It’s so weird that people care about who these fictional characters like to have sex with! So irrelevant

It entirely plausible to have the Earth 16 Bart be gay, and leave the earth 1 Bart straight (or maybe he meets somebody who is male and wonders if he is bi. It is not uncommon for people to develop bi tendencies later in life as they become more sexually self-aware.)

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When Marvel changed Iceman to be gay, it just seemed… fake. He has had a couple limited series since and neither have been very good. Personally I don’t care what sexuality a character has as long as it is done right. Batwoman and Constantine are both great characters and impact the LBGT community positively. Iceman, and Impulse if they did this, seems more like a stunt and I believe shows things in a negative light.

It’s the advantage of a multiverse, you can have the same “character” on multiple earths, but they don’t have to have the same characteristics. There could be an earth where Batman & Superman are a gay couple. Ok, it’s not Earth 1, but different earths have characters with different personalities, preferences, idiosyncrasies, identities, orientations, political ideologies, etc, etc, etc, that is the beauty of a multiverse. That’s a way 5g could be done, and not upset current continuity. Just make Earth-5g its own continuity. Have the 5g books. They could even suspend current continuity, Earth-5g could become current continuity, just as canonically, Earth-2 was original DC continuity.

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As I recall, Bart on the show hasn’t really shown any attraction to any of the ladies on the show. If anything, his closest relationship is with Jaime. So that could definitely work.

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Agreed. However, watching the Batwoman CW show… :confounded:

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And how would that make the show better?

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I seem to remember Alan Scott, aka GA Green Lantern being reintroduced as a gay man in some reboot or other. Is that still his present sexual identity? And, as the subject matter is about Bart, makes no difference to me one way or the other. Too many speedsters now, as it is.

People keep saying ‘don’t change characters’ sexualities’ but within the context of the show (which is it’s separate universe), Bart has literally never once shown attraction to a female character.

And for people wondering why it matters, it’s because gay folk like seeing gay romance on screen. Think outside of your perspective for just a second, and you’d realize that.


I mean I think people just want Bart to be gay because he’s a fun charismatic character. But I think it’s more beneficial to have him straight and be fun. Too many straight characters are brooding. Why can’t straight dudes be fun and not be perceived as gay?I would just add the ray to the team if they want a gay character, he has a whole backstory that fits the identity. Also he has awesome powers. Seeing hart Allen and Wally west was refreshing they don’t need to change anymore speedsters stories. They’ve already done everything they can to try and replace the impulse like making him Barr torr and stuff like that. There’s also bunker, lobos daughter, Jericho and aqua lad. There are tons of gay characters why would they take a character and make him gay to appease people who have just found out about this character. It kind of just stigmatizes showing affection between straight males.

I’m not a fan of Alan Scott being gay. If DC wants more gay charactors just make more up, rather then changing the sexualitys of pre established charactors.


I’m against change for changes sake.
Changing an established characters race, sexuality, age, history (retcon), personality shouldn’t be done just because it “starts conversations”.

Fans and customers return to a character/product because it has a baseline of predictability and consistency (continuity). That being said, Bart has a history of being heterosexual.

Bottom line: I say just make a new character.

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sexuality is fluid, remember that. how you feel can change over time, even if you’re 80ys old. I do agree with make a new character because they need some more diversity, overall. On the other hand the older, loved, already established characters can be changed as well.

i think people prefer for the change in sexuality rather than it being given to the character from day one because companies tend to make their sexuality their personality and that’s annoying.

  • change or no change, i love them and i am so excited about season 4!!!
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