Gamestop Exclusive Jim Lee Pops

I’m not a big Pops fan but I adore Jim Lee and have thought about picking up one or two of the Pops based on his work.

Has anyone picked these up and if so, what do you think of them?


Here’s my experience with Pops so far (sorry this doesn’t answer your specific inquiry regarding the Jim Lee versions).
Like you I’m not a big pop fan, but I was curious what all the fuss was about and grabbed myself a Superman 80th anniversary pop. While fun looking, I find the quality to be a bit generic (paint was passable), but I guess that’s expected for the price. Also, the seem a bit fragile. Daughter saw a Mickey pop that she had to have, so I obliged. It lasted all of 1 hour of pretend play before his nose broke off.

I have more than a few pops, like Moro I cannot speak directly about the jim lee pops but I do enjoy having them as display pieces I mean how else can Doc Brown, Red Robin, and Conan O’Brien coexist and see eye to eye.

This probably makes me sound really dumb… are the pop figures his art style or pop figures of Jim Lee???

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@Haru They’re based off of his DC art.

The JL Pops I know of are:

-Batman standing on a gargoyle, based on the second printing cover of Batman #608

-Batman and Green Lantern’s initial meeting from New 52 Justice League #1

-Aquaman standing over a defeated Parademon soldier from the end of N52 JL #3 (or from #4; one of the two)

@moro Sorry to hear about the busted Mickey.

I have the Jim Lee Batman(Hush), and the Joker(Hush). I love the Batman, but the Joker just seems so wrong, the face is just not good, and isnt a good reflection on JLs’ art at all.

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@DiscoNightwing was Joker sold in a two-pack or on his own?

I have quite a few Pops for some of my favorites. They’re pretty cool for the price.

Gamestop has the Jim Lee Flash pop. I really want to get that one and the Green Lantern/Batman meeting.

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I picked up Aquaman just cuz I’m a huge Aquaman fan but wow, it’s one of the coolest pops I have.


Joker was a single

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I finally got them all except catwomans, cause just why haha

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I saw the Catwoman one in a YouTube video. It looks pretty neat.

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It does look cool. Im just not into female figurines.

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