Future state comics question

As I have stated in previous comments, I have just jumped back into THE UNIVERSE recently, and binge watching and reading like John Constantine smokes and drinks. I just discovered the DC Comics Squadcast pod and really enjoying it. Their latest episode talks about Future State Wonder Woman 1 & 2, and Future State Superman of Metropolis 1 & 2. One thing I love about this community, is that they are very knowledgeable, and quick to respond. I believe I know the answer, but here it goes:

Are the Future State comics I referenced above, available on DC Universe in Digital Form? (cue the organs)


Not at the moment. (Someone can correct me if Iā€™m wrong because they just shifted it down from a year to this amount of time, and I might have it mixed up) new comics come onto DC universe (infinite) 6 months after their initial release. They should be currently available to buy on services such as comixology and the likes, though.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


It does. Thank you for the feedback!