Fresh Easter Eggs for Young Justice: Invasion!

A whole carton of easter eggs for Young Justice: Invasion has arrived! Follow this link or find the article in our News section:

The Young Justice hype is real, friends! Are you re-watching the series now in preparation? Was there anything our eagle-eye expert writer missed? Let us know in the comments below!


Awesome. So glad this was made but no easter eggs for the first season?

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Dat article is here: Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in YOUNG JUSTICE Season 1

Bon appetit!


Eagle eyed! I try!! For Titans there is lots of pausing involved and writing down EVERY name for every character!!
YJ is going to be fun…Greg Weisman likes to pull deep cuts!

Thanks for that link Applejack

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My favorite was the Jason Todd one :smirk:

Mine was Luthor mind controlling Roy Harper with the code name “Broken Arrow” referring to his Navajo background. When he attempted to salvage himself on a Navajo reservation in TT, they surnamed him broken arrow b/c of his addictions & despair. Then Luthor uses “Red Son” to do the same to Superboy, referring to the Elseworlds 3 issue mini series.

The 2 I mentioned weren’t in the article but idk if they count as easter eggs or not?