Fortnite and Batman?

I personally hate the idea of batman and Fortnite mixing… I despise the game and in my 6th grade years its all I would hear about.
How is everyone else feeling? Are we all okay with a Childs game being mixed with the gracious and lovely batman??
let me know…

I’m not sure Fortnite is a “child’s game” when the central mechanic is fighting and killing for survival. It’s a game popular with children, sure. But you know what else is popular with children? Batman. In fact, with his “no kill” policy, you could make a pretty solid argument that Batman is LESS violent than Fortnite.


It’s funny and weird to see Batman doing a dance move in the game!:laughing:


not my point… I called it a Childs game because it seemed most fitting considering how annoying it is to what I assume is most older people. I only called it that because I just don’t like it.

While I don’t play Fortnite, this was a really big opportunity for Batman and DC to start connecting to fans in different ways. If you play other games, maybe you’ll start seeing DC characters and/or skins there too! You never know - more revenue usually means more good things/opportunities in the business world!

Btw have you read the Fortnite comics? They are pretty interesting so far :ok_hand:


TBH, I do not mind it. I agree that Fortnite may have more younger users compared to the Arkham Games or other battle royal games now, it is still a game where you can play as BATMAN! The costume is pretty comic accurate with a newer Zero Point skins that kind of places him in the world of Fortnite. Plus you can play as Bale’s Batman along with other DC characters.

I’m not saying that Fortnite is the definitive Batman game (obviously) or that itself is amazing. I think Fortnite itself became a meme and kind of cringe over its time (Like almost anything) hence why its linked to “childish”. But for what it is, Batman and other DC Characters in a battle royale, I enjoy it! Definitely cool IMO to play as these characters.

List of DC Charcters you could play as:

  • Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey movies and Rebirth skins)
  • Batman (Comic, Dark Knight Trilogy, Zero Point skins)
  • Catwoman (classic and a Zero Point skin rumored)
  • Green Arrow (Arrowverse)
  • The Flash (Arrow/Flashverse)
  • Raven (Classic, Rebirth, Rachel Roth Skins)
  • Beast Boy (Classic TT, Garth and Gorilla Skins)
  • Black Manta
  • Aquaman (Arthur Curry and armored DCEU Skin)
  • Joker
  • Poison Ivy

look im no fan of fortnite, but it is popular and if dc gets money from that they can put it towards stuff I would like, like more Cassandra Cain batgirl stuff like we had in festival of heroes

Jw. I assume you aren’t a fan of this collab based off your comments. What about it do you not like? That Batman is in game you do not enjoy playing? Do you think its not an accurate representation of Batman? I understand you do not like it, but what is the reason?

I personally enjoy it. Adding depth and dynamic to the fortnite universe makes it more entertaining for adults. It’s more of a integrated/interactive story than a video game now and I think Batman is a very good hero to utilize that with.

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