for all new readers

If youre lookin for a great book, theres the 2005 GL on here. It really is one of the most consistently awesome books of the past 20 years.


Geoff Johns run of Teen Titans are on here too. I believe all issues of what he wrote are on here but correct me if I am wrong.


The full run of John’s New 52 Aquaman is also here, including the Throne of Atlantis arc, which the movies is based on.
Thank you DC. The comic section looks a whole lot better now.


Johns is a true comic geek, writin books as books, not future screenplays or movie properties.Guy knows the importance of bistory while playin around and tweakin it around.Just about all of his stuff is worth reading for new readers.


History. Bistory is an old Legion villian. Ask Geoff…heh heh

I am going to read it once I’m done with Superman unchained

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Cool, man. He did some flash, too.

I just wanted to see what this thread was about. Totally agree. I can’t wait to reread them ASAP. Been a min since I’ve read em, & that was slowly as they came out, not all in a row like on here.

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Read all the Geoff Johns GL run. Incredible. Been so long since I’ve read em just straight thru, nonstop, was so amazing.

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