Flash Comics

I’m interested in digging into some modern Flash comics and stories. Where do I start?

I like Jay Garrick, but I’m already reading the 2000s JSA series.

Barry seems to be the default Flash

Wally West really interests me. Any stories that shows what about him separates him from Barry, maybe even shows he might even be better?

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I think I recognize your name
As being in Community a long time
So You may alrrady know this
I may be misinterpreting the word "shows’

Wally West was the Flash for more than twenty years after the events of
Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986

He is
Flash in rhe animated series
Justice League

And Kid Flash
In the first two seasons
Of the animated Young Justice series

He was in JLA by Grant Morrison as Flash
For example

And in Legends Title also in his first appearance after Crisis

And the lead in many Flash series

The first series began in 1986 or 1987

Recently he was the main character
In DC Rebirth 1 in 2016
Then a member of 2015 Titans

Lately he has been
In the controversal Heroes Reborn
And Flash Forwards


Hey! If you mean “in the last decade” modern, I suggest reading the New 52 Flash solo series from 2012. Not everything from the series was kept going into Rebirth, but the new Reverse Flash, Daniel West still exists in the current timeline.

As for Wally West, you should check out Mark Waid’s run on The Flash from 1990. The things that Wally did during the time that Mark Waid wrote The Flash are the reason why he’s the fastest speedster in the DCU. Happy reading!


Mark Waid also uses Jay Garrick and the extended Flash family in most of his stories, so if you like them that’s a plus.


Start with Flash #1 from 1987. It’s the beginning of Wally’s incredible “run” as The Fastest Man Alive. By the time you get to the end of this series, you will know that Wally West is the greatest hero in the DC pantheon.


I’m starting to think that we need a single thread with a series of Wiki posts that allow members to edit in suggested reading lists for every notable character.


If you like Wally, then I highly recommend Mark Waid’s run. If you want something more modern with Barry, I recommend reading Flashpoint and Joshua Williamson’s Rebirth run.