FLASH #800 Dream Team?

Given the magnitude of this upcoming landmark anniversary issue, who would you like to see contribute to this event?

My picks:

  • Jeremy Adams - Wally West lead story

  • Geoff Johns - Wally flashback story

  • Mark Waid - Impulse story

  • Cary Bates - Barry Allen story

  • Bill Messner-Loebs - Jay Garrick story

  • Josh Williamson - Kid Flash (Wallace West) story

On the art side, we need to have regular artist Fernando Pasarin, Greg LaRocque, Scott Kolins, Humberto Ramos, Francis Manapul, and a cover and pin-up by Brian Bolland.

Other suggestions for your FLASH 800 dream team?


Rather than a Wally flashback, I’d have Geoff do a Rogues story.


Plenty of great talent in this potential lineup. If there ends up being a story about every Flash, then I imagine/hope Avery Ho would also get one. If so, then it’d be nice to have Gene Luen Yang writing hers




I’d want Christian Duce or Serg Acuna on art for Jeremy Adams’ story instead of Pasarin.


How about a Max Mercury story set in the 1870s where he teams up with Jonah Hex by Mark Waid and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez? Well, it’s probably too late to make it into Flash 800, but it’s still a story I would like to see.


The Flash 800 should be finishing the central story involving Apokolips and the third West kid, and this is what else I’d like to happen:

Jay Garrick story takes place in the late 40s possibly deals with Judy idk

Impulse story by Mark Waid with art by Humberto Ramos or Jorge Jimenez, Bart becomes Mercury

Ace/Avery Ho story by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico

Barry and Iris story by Francis Manapul(maybe with Geoff Johns maybe not)

Irey/Jai/Gold Beetle/other west kid, and sets up either a new Flash Family title or a backup series


Welcome to the Community, @crazy_unicorn06! It’s really great to have you here. Those are some great ideas. :slight_smile: Please let us know if there’s ever anything we can help you with!

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