First impression of Batman: Hush

TLDR: Great movie ending was a little insulting. Would highly recommend.
Disclaimer, I’m by no means a proper authority on reviews. Secondly, I’m a considerable fan of the Batman character although not well read on many recent comics. That being said, this might be a bit biased and I also had no idea this was an adapted story line from the comics and had no expectations aside from something with a similar feel to the previous film’s from DC Animated. Overall the movie is rather enjoyable, particularly the scenes with the romance between Brucelina. Those felt rather well done, probably from bias of wanting to see something like this between the two for some time. The story was rather interesting I probably missed a film or two, as I didn’t realize riddler had previously died. Regardless of that, it had an overall good feel to it, to see how Hush came to be. One big issue and perhaps the only one I had was the light in which Batmans code is viewed, I didn’t like the interpretation that he doesn’t kill because of a mental illness but rather on principle. Although Batman does defend himself it didn’t seem sufficient.


Yeah, it does seem kind of weird to call it some kind of mental thing. But I think the movie did very well for itself. I was sad that the mystery element wasn’t added into the movie.

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yeah I didn’t like the ending- thought catwoman would have seen hush as Bruce, but then not see her cat scars on his chest and then save the day! Guess the ending throws you- I was waiting for it and then credits…kinda lame.

-also Riddler finding out who batman was in the pit is lame, and he’s far from a C-list villain.

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Did not like this movie as batman seemed to lack conviction and was more of a toy boy. Batman as the superheroe we love has all the right reasons and principles in place and does not really need anybody question him or call him crazy for what he believes in. Batman needs to have stronger character, conviction and defend himself against this kind of situations.