Final Crisis: Last Will and Testament Questions

So I’ve been reading the final crisis omnibus and I just read the last will and testament issue.

So I’m pretty confused because it doesn’t line up with what’s been happening in the book. Batman Superman and wonder woman are all in the issue like normal when they shouldn’t be. Batman and wonder woman are Incapacitated And Superman is in another world.

I read the IGN review and they said it doesn’t line up either.

Has anyone figured this out Or is it just screwed up?

I know the final crisis prequels didn’t line up with final crisis like it was supposed to but I would think the final crisis story should all line up.

Its not a Final Crisis tie in. It’s a story happening during an unknown ‘crisis’.


Then why did they put it in the omnibus?

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Oh damn, did they? That has to be a mistake.

My memory of the event is that it was released at the same time Final Crisis was, but it was so disconnected that they didn’t include the words ‘Final Crisis’ anywhere on the cover.


I have the Absolute Final Crisis, and they didn’t include it there.

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I have the 10 year anniversary edition


I looked up what’s included in the 10 Year Anniversary Edition Omnibus. Wow…thats a LOT of story…

To contrast, here is whats in the Absolute Edition-

Final Crisis makes the most sense if you stick strictly to the Grant Morrison stuff first. His Superman Beyond two-parter is essential, though. Those issues never should’ve been numbered separately from the main series. Issue #7 is incomprehensible without them.

Thanks although I don’t think it will be a problem because I’m reading the omnibus.

There is so many issues with final crisis that i can’t believe DC was so incompetent to allow.

There were probably 10 miniseries I can think of that tie into final crisis plus seven soldiers of victory and grant Morrison’s JLA run. The problem is that some of these stories don’t even matter to the final crisis stories or some do and some don’t and that is a major issue. I know countdown has a major problem with matching up with final crisis, some of it is essential to the story while some of it completely doesn’t matter and that’s the whole problem.

I mean how hard is it to have an editorial group to make sure this happens? How hard is it for writers to just communicate with each other to make sure the stories make sense?

Yes and what makes me upset is I’m halfway through the book and I have already had to read some other stories not in the omnibus to understand the story better. For example flash 240-241 is in the omnibus but it’s only 2 issues of a 7 part story. So you really need to read flash 238-244. Same thing with the teen titans issues and Batman. But the omnibus is already huge.

I know people love omnibuses but I’m liking them less and less. It never tells you what issue your reading, doesn’t tell you what’s going on in the universe like the back of the comics do, I also think they should give you some recaps so before you read the stories you can catch up.

Then there is is whole size of the omnis and the wear and tear each time you read something that big.